Pacific Inclusion & Diversity
Fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce is critical to our success
At Honeywell, Inclusion & Diversity matters.

Our mission in Pacific is to foster a performance culture that is built on the foundations of welcoming, including, respecting, understanding, and appreciating the different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences our people bring to the workplace everyday.

Diversity of thought is our greatest strength; it ensures sustainable business results and most importantly, it brings us joy.

Our I&D Priorities

Ensuring Inclusion and Diversity is a priority across all parts of our business, our strategy focuses on six key priorities.
Policy, Procedures & Workplace Practices
Creating frameworks for how we operate that are inclusive and allow for a diverse culture.
Employment, Career & Retention
Being an employer of choice by creating equal employment opportunities for new and existing employees.
Learning & Development
Giving our employees the tools to lead with an inclusive mindset.
Employee Support & Wellbeing
Ensuring employees feel supported and safe to bring their authentic self to work everyday & have the toold and capabilities to improve their overall wellbeing and resilience.
Senior Leader & People Engagement
Driving an I&D culture is everyone's responsibility -- engagement is key to success.
Community & Customer Engagement
Enhancing our external relationships and meeting the values of our customers.

Pacific Employee Networks

The Pacific I&D Taskforce has already established 4 local employee networks aligned to the global Honeywell networks. The networks are intended to help enhance the inclusive culture, sense of belonging, and employee engagement in Pacific.​​​​​​​

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