WE Connect
Women's Exchange Network
What is WE Connect?
A women for women network across Pacific. This community will provide support to women in key areas such as: building networks, job, career planning and development, visibility of other successful women and their journey, open doors that may have been locked due to location, job type or business unit, dealing with the conflicting priorities of home and work life and to enhance engagement.

Who is WE Connect for?
This group will encompass all women in Honeywell Pacific; across all ages, cultures and all job levels. Amongst us, we have a large amount of knowledge and experiences which we can share, this group will showcase our different professional and personal: backgrounds, stories and experiences to date and the different lives we are each living in these challenging times.

Why is WE Connect starting?
WE Connect is an important part of our focus on Inclusion and Diversity in Honeywell Pacific region. This group will assist to drive real change in the attraction, growth, engagement, retention and inclusion of female participation across Honeywell. By reducing the impact of being geographically or functionally distant from each other, this group will assist in providing a safe and welcoming environment for women to excel, win and be outstanding future shapers for all women in Honeywell.
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WE Lunch

A Pacific initiative following the success of Kaley’ Chu’s  “100 Lunches with strangers” Kaley says: “I used to suffer from crippling shyness. I decided something had to change. My solution? Have lunch with 100 strangers. What came next completely changed my life.” This initiative is an opportunity to invite complete strangers within Honeywell for coffee/lunch, face to face or remote, and talk about anything!

WE Walk

Fostering connections at work and promoting walking for health and mental health, Honeywell has introduced WE Walk – Local walking groups at each of our sites. This is an opportunity to walk and chat about career, inclusivity, anything work or non-work related or the latest Netflix series that you watched to unwind - typically with a coffee shop at the end.
                 From troubleshooting to identifying customer trends that directly impact our products, our support teams touch every aspect and function of our business. 
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WE Volunteer

One of WE Connect's core initiatives is volunteering. On November 2020, WE Connect launched it's first volunteering campaign called #ItsInTheBag. The campaign aims to support women who are experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence or living in crisis.