Pride Connect
LGBTQIA+ Exchange Network
Pride Connect is established to transform and enhance the experiences of LGBTQIA+ people at Honeywell in Pacific. This network will focus on three key areas:
Peer to Peer Support:
To provide a safe and supportive channel for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies to network, support and care for each other.
To promote better understanding of LGBTQIA+ inclusion, literacy and training in our workplace – making LGBTQIA+ experiences more visible.
To drive LGBTQIA+ initiatives across the business including reviewing policies, procedures, feedback, concerns and suggestions to make improvements for a more inclusive and safe culture for all.
                 From troubleshooting to identifying customer trends that directly impact our products, our support teams touch every aspect and function of our business. 
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As part of Honeywell's initiatives to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all employees, Honeywell has proudly gained its Rainbow Tick accreditation in New Zealand. We believe everybody deserves to be themselves at work and we strive to ensure that Honeywell offers a safe and inclusive environment for all!


Pride Connect actively celebrates local and global LGBTQIA+ events such as Pride Month, Wear It Purple Day, National Coming Out Day, among others.