Work, Life and Family

Work, Life and Family

Learn how Honeywell can help you beyond the office.

Honeywell Advantages

Honeywell Advantages site gives access to discounts, cashback and savings at High Street retailers, cinemas, restaurants and others. Ensures employees have access to savings on their regular spend.

Global Partnerships Discounts

As a Honeywell employee, you will get access to negotiated corporate prices with our global suppliers. Special packages available for computer hardware and software, car rentals, gifts and retailers operating globally.

​​​​​​​Parental Leave

Maternity/adoption leave: After 2 years service, eligible for company maternity/adoption pay at 100% of normal weekly earnings for the first 26 weeks (inclusive of statutory maternity pay.)

Paternity leave: After 2 years service, eligible for company paternity pay at 100% of normal weekly earnings for 2 weeks (inclusive of statutory paternity pay.)

Shared parental leave: The period of maternity/adoption can be shared between parents during the first 26 weeks.

Travel Insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance, including flight delays and cancellation, medical costs, accident and loss of personal items whilst traveling.


This site makes reference to the terms of certain employee benefit plans and programs provided by Honeywell International Inc. and its affiliates (“plans”).  Nothing in this site creates a right to be covered under such plans.  In the event of any conflict between the plans and this site or any oral or written statements made by a supervisor, human resources or other representative, the applicable legal plan document will govern. Honeywell reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate the plans at any time and for any reason with respect to both current and former employees and their dependents.