Plan for the future

Plan for the future

Honeywell helps ensure your financial well-being.

Financial Benefits

Honeywell offers you the tools to prepare for a more secure and comfortable future. From a pension program and employee share purchase options to discounts with leading retailers, the variety of programs offered meet your unique needs to help you save money and secure your retirement.

Honeywell Retirement Plan

Trust Based Defined Contribution Pension Plan
Employee contribution 5% and employer matching contributions 3%. Additional voluntary employee pension contributions are possible.

Honeywell pays administration costs for the pension fund. Annual management charges applying to investments are market leading, enabling members of the plan to receive the fullest benefit of the investment growth in their pension fund.

Employee Share Purchase

Employees can elect to purchase Honeywell shares using between 1% and 10% of salary. Minimum contribution is £5 per month and the maximum contribution is £125 per month. Employer matches the first 2% contribution at a 62.5% (1 employee share = 0.625 employer).


Life is uncertain and you never know what’s around the corner, which is why Honeywell provides a variety of benefit programs and services to protect you from the unknown. These programs offer peace of mind should an accident, illness or disease happen to you or your family. From life insurance to paycheck protection, we have everything you need to breathe easy in challenging times.

Sickness Absence 

Company sick pay (100% of weekly base salary) payable upon successful completion of probation. Up to 2 years of service: 6 weeks; 2-5 years of service: 13 weeks; 5+ years of service: 26 weeks.

Income Protection For Long Term Sickness

50% salary payable after 26 weeks absence up to maximum of 2 years.
Permanent disability assessment after 2 years for lump sum.

Life Assurance

Provides benefit of 4 x annual salary in the event of death for pension members.
Additional sum between 0.5 x salary and 6 x salary, dependent on age.
Provides benefit of 2 x annual salary in the event of death for non-pension members.

Business Travel Accident Insurance

Business travel accident insurance covers any employee on business travel to any country in the world when traveling outside the country of employment or domicile.

Partner Life Assurance

Employees can opt for life assurance for their partner. Available to purchase in units of £25,000 up to a maximum of £150,000 or a multiple of a maximum of 4 x the salary of the employee.

Personal Accident Insurance

Benefit paid for permanent disablement or death due to serious accident. Up to 10 units of coverage may be chosen which increases the benefit payable on approved claim. Children are covered within the employee level of benefit.

This site makes reference to the terms of certain employee benefit plans and programs provided by Honeywell International Inc. and its affiliates (“plans”).  Nothing in this site creates a right to be covered under such plans.  In the event of any conflict between the plans and this site or any oral or written statements made by a supervisor, human resources or other representative, the applicable legal plan document will govern. Honeywell reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate the plans at any time and for any reason with respect to both current and former employees and their dependents.