Work, Life and Family

Work, Life and Family

Learn how Honeywell can help you beyond the office.

Fuel Cards 

Employees can buy fuel card from his or her flex budget. The cards are issued by the preferred provider company and can be used in their petrol stations only in exchange for fuel (diesel or gasoline). The fuel cards can be tax deductible when justified as covering the travel distance from residence to work and return.

Public Transportation 

Employees located in Bucharest can choose from several available monthly transport cards through the flex plan. Public Transport Subscription is valid for 12 months.  

Vacation Cards 

Employees can choose to use their flex budget for vacation cards up to a maximum value of 160 lei per month, or any amount that can be a multiple of 10 lei. 

Cultural Vouchers 

Employees can choose to use their flex budget for cultural vouchers to access services such as cinema tickets, theatres and concerts. 

Online Library 

Employees can choose from a variety of books from an online library through the flex plan. 


Employees can also choose any sports or gym subscriptions through the flex plan. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 

Honeywell-contracted counselors are available 24/7 via telephone and can help with counseling and psychological support, financial consulting, support for care of children and the elderly, legal advice and more.

Compassionate Leave 

Bereavement for an employee to grieve the loss of a close family member. 

Unpaid Personal Leave 

A certain period of paid personal leave is allowed for employee for a special need.

Women’s Council 

To foster a workplace that champions Inclusion and Diversity via local events and presentations in the community. 

Local Employee Engagement Committee

Employee welfare and engagement activities organized by local site committee.
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