Be Healthy, Live Well

Be Healthy, Live Well

Your physical and behavioral health is important, and Honeywell gives you ways to care for both.

Basic Medical 

All employees are entitled to basic medical services paid by Honeywell with a limit of RON 2,000 per person per year, which include:

  • Consultations
  • Lab analysis recommended by a doctor
  • Investigations recommended by a doctor
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Assisted medical transport
  • Pregnancy monitoring

Top Up Medical Plan

Employees can choose the incremental medical insurance as one of the flexible benefit options. The "Top-up" plan covers unlimited consultations and examinations, investigations, and laboratory tests; medical recovery up to maximum of RON 1,500 per year of insurance; hospitalization compensation up to a maximum of RON 15,000 per year of insurance, for a maximum period of 25 days of hospitalization per year. This benefit is tax deductible in cumulated amount of 400 EUR per year for all insurances selected by employee. 

Family Medical

The medical plan chosen by the employee (basic plus Top-up) is also available through flex scheme for the family members.


In partnership with the medical insurance company, Honeywell employees can choose between 3 dental services packages (silver, gold, platinum).   
Services include specialized consultations, dental emergencies, prevention, restorations, periodontology, oral surgery, along with discounts for specific procedures (implantology, prosthetics, aesthetic, orthodontics). 
This benefit is also available for the employee's family members.

This site makes reference to the terms of certain employee benefit plans and programs provided by Honeywell International Inc. and its affiliates (“plans”).  Nothing in this site creates a right to be covered under such plans.  In the event of any conflict between the plans and this site or any oral or written statements made by a supervisor, human resources or other representative, the applicable legal plan document will govern. Honeywell reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate the plans at any time and for any reason with respect to both current and former employees and their dependents.