Work, Life and Family
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Work, Life and Family

Learn how Honeywell can help you beyond the office.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Free face-to-face call or website counselling services to help you and your family to handle stress for a happier work/life balance. 


Honeywell provides you with vacation time for you to use on whatever means the most to you.


In addition to your vacation time, you receive time off in the form of paid holidays.

Online Learning

Honeywell's Learning Management System (LMS) offers training courses to help employees with technical skills, process improvements, personal effectiveness, leadership skills and more. 

Marriage Leave 

Honeywell provides marriage leave so you can have additional time to enjoy your marriage.  

Maternity Leave 

Maternity granted to female employees before or after childbirth.

Paternity Leave 

Paternity granted to male employees before or after childbirth.

Compassionate Leave  

Bereavement for an employee to grieve the loss of a close family member.  

Unpaid Personal Leave  

A certain period of unpaid personal leave is allowed for employee for a special need. 

Women’s Council  

To foster a workplace that champions Inclusion and Diversity via local events and presentations in the community.  

Local Employee Engagement Committee 

Employee welfare and engagement activities organized by local site committee.  

This site makes reference to the terms of certain employee benefit plans and programs provided by Honeywell International Inc. and its affiliates (“plans”).  Nothing in this site creates a right to be covered under such plans.  In the event of any conflict between the plans and this site or any oral or written statements made by a supervisor, human resources or other representative, the applicable legal plan document will govern. Honeywell reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate the plans at any time and for any reason with respect to both current and former employees and their dependents.