Employee Referral Program Overview

 The Honeywell Employee Referral Program encourages employees to refer friends, family, or former colleagues for Honeywell job opportunities.


All current Honeywell employees can, and are encouraged to, refer qualified candidates at any time. However, Employee Referral awards (bonuses) will only be paid when all the eligibility requirements are met. In any case where pay eligibility is in question, the Talent Acquisition & Development ERB team will make the final award decision.


Not Eligible


Requisitions externally posted with Employee Referral 

University Relations (UR) requisitions


Active Full Time and Part time Honeywell Employees

Manager who has direct responsibility for hiring decision

Human Resource Generalist who has responsibility for open position

Individuals in HR or Staffing who are responsible for sourcing candidates

Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement where agreement does not provide for participation in Employee Referral Program

Band E employees involved in the selection process directly or indirectly.

FM&T employees referring candidates for non-FM&T positions

Contingent workers: subcontractors, outsourced service workers and free lancers or any temporary worker similarly engaged with Honeywell.

Joint Venture employees >50% (majority HON owned JV)


Individual being referred is not currently a Honeywell employee

Candidate accepts offer and starts working within twelve months of date resume submitted

Co-ops or Interns within six months from the end of their assignment or graduation

Contingent workers: subcontractors, outsourced service workers and free lancers or any temporary worker similarly engaged with Honeywell.

Recently separated Honeywell employee, within one-year after separation date from the company.

Candidates sourced at a career fair

How to Submit a Referral: 

Employees can refer someone to Honeywell in two ways: 

  • On-line Referrals (preferred method). Employees should refer individuals directly to an open job requisition on the Honeywell Internal Career Site. 
    Refer to the Quick Reference Guide to learn how to submit a referral online • In order to make a referral, the employee must provide a valid email address for their referral. Once referred, individuals will be invited, via email notification, to visit the Honeywell Careers Website to provide additional career information 
  • Direct Referrals. Employees may also submit a referral by providing the candidate’s resume to the Recruiter, Hiring Manager, or HR Generalist responsible for the job requisition. 

Referral Payout: 

  • Bonus payments for successful employee referrals will be processed as one-time cash payments through the normal payroll cycle 
  • Referral awards are expressed in a gross amount and are subject to local taxes/social deductions 
  • The referring employee must be actively employed at the time of the referred candidates start date to be eligible to receive the award 
  • A payment will only be made if all the requested information is obtained 

Problems or questions: 

The Talent Acquisition & Development ERB Team will be responsible to govern the overall Employee Referral Program, and will make final decisions regarding interpretation of this practice, its intent, and payout awards. Questions should be directed to Honeywell Talent Acquisition & Development Employee Referral Program Manager for resolution. HR Generalists, HR Services, and Payroll teams provide process support.