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Honeywell Advanced Materials has long been a world leader in innovating and producing solutions that make the world safer, cleaner, and enable the modernization of a growing middle class. Our solutions include our Aclar® barrier films used in drug packaging, our Spectra® fiber used in body armor for our military and law enforcement professionals and life science laboratory solutions and semiconductors, our Solstice® low-global warming refrigerants used in air conditioners, automobiles, refrigerators, as well as our Solstice® blowing agents used in insulation foam production and propellants used in personal care applications. We have over 5,100 patents and applications with a rich history of innovation.  


We are a business of entrepreneurs and innovators. We act with urgency, speed, responsiveness, and agile decision-making. We know our customers well and have an innate ability to develop new products and services to proactively meet their un-met needs. We are a customer centric business. We strive for flawless execution and treat customer feedback as a gift.
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Our teams are committed to each other and to the realization of our shared purpose in Advanced Materials. 
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SUSTAINABILITY We're constantly working to help our customers meet their sustainability goals. 
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