Become a #futureshaper
Become a #futureshaper

Corporate Audit Leadership Program

CALP Compass
At  Honeywell, our people are our engine. In Corporate Audit, we are committed to finding opportunities for the very best to join our team, contribute in significant ways, and become even better.

Our unique Corporate Audit Leadership Program (CALP) is an incredible career accelerant within Honeywell, and we are actively engaging with and recruiting top talent.
Our Mission

Our role in the company is to provide high-impact, objective assurance on business risks, supporting global operational transformations, while developing strong business leaders through accelerated exposure to the company globally and our various business models.

Program Overview

The Corporate Audit Leadership Program (CALP) is an incredible career accelerant at Honeywell. CALP offers a diversity of audit experience across all the Honeywell businesses and exposure to senior leaders while providing breadth and depth of the company’s policies, controls, and processes. CALP is a program for high potential talent who want to work hard, learn, and work across multiple businesses and functions. The program values the diversity of talent and experience and provides a talent succession pipeline for key leadership roles. CALP graduates are purposefully advocated for and planted in leadership roles in Honeywell’s Strategic Business Groups or opportunities to stay and grow within another CALP function to further upskill. Finance, IT and Cyber, ISC, Fraud and Forensics, and Data Analytics and Enterprise Risk Management are the core functional groups of CALP. Take this opportunity to become part of the Corporate Audit Leadership Program!

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Sales & Commercial Leadership
We provide a global view to Honeywell’s IT & Cyber organizations, systems, and processes. Our function provides the opportunity to assess risks aligned to the most critical areas of IT & Cyber, develop an expansive network of relationships, and influence leadership’s strategy to ensure we keep Honeywell’s enterprise IT, supply chain OT, and digital products safe from ever growing cyber threats.
Integrated Supply Chain
We address manufacturing and supply chain risk on a global scale. Our group conducts independent and objective supply chain reviews across Honeywell’s global operations and works to ensure effective and efficient controls are designed and functioning appropriately. Through key operational audits and assessments, we ensure compliance and global consistency while mitigating the company’s supply chain risk.
We deliver assurance, advisory, and special project insights to transform our operations. Our broad purview expands beyond financial reporting to include all business cycles across business units  around the world. We build Controllers and CFOs by unlocking potential through world class training, development, and experience.
Data Analytics/Enterprise Risk Management
We use technical expertise by using new sources of data and methods to improve data collection, analysis and reporting to support our audit functions (ISC, Finance, Fraud and Forensics, IT and Cyber and Enterprise Risk Management) on risk identification, making tactical decisions through reporting and ad hoc queries. The exposure and access to multiple areas and leadership prepares our experts for their next challenges within the organization playing bigger roles.
Fraud & Forensics
We are responsible for helping Honeywell protect against fraud and corruption around the world.  Charged with analyzing some of Honeywell’s most complex and high-risk transactions and contracts, Fraud & Forensics combines legal, law enforcement, public accounting, and audit experience to creatively “follow the money” to detect noncompliant or criminal conduct and drive change within the Company.
Leadership Team
We are looking for proven leaders in our core CALP functions who excel in building world-class global teams. Honeywell CALP attracts, develops, and exports talent into some of the most critical business areas in the company. Your role as part of the CALP Leadership Team will include leading best in class risk governance and independent assurance across our companies’ business profile, along with leading a Leadership Development Program of Distinction.

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