Become a #futureshaper

Become a #futureshaper

Right here in India
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India is home to our Honeywell Technology Solutions hub, and we offer a wide variety of job opportunities in Technology and R&D, with a special focus on the divisions of Aerospace, Buildings Technologies, Safety and Productivity Solutions, Performance Materials and Technologies. 

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Why Honeywell in India?

Our employees work with cutting edge technologies. We provide a collaborative and inclusive environment where employees can grow and develop at their own pace.

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                 IT and Software
IT and Software
Join the digital transformation to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Our developers and software engineers work across multiple operating systems and a broad range of platforms. 

Get access to advanced technology, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, advanced flight navigation systems, sensing and more. From automating buildings to be more comfortable to making workplaces safer and more productive to next generation aviation technology, you’ll tackle real-world problem solving.  We also have a wide range of career opportunities for those specializing in project management, IT security, networking and much more. Check out our latest IT  opportunities below.
Graduates Graduate opportunities at Honeywell prepare you for the future. You'll work with leaders in your field on meaningful projects that directly relate to business goals and learn from some of the smartest minds in technology and engineering.  We are proud of our inclusive, friendly and social culture. 

We run open days where you can peek inside our facilities. They are intended for all those interested in the development of the newest technologies in electrical engineering, aviation or the car industry. You can fly around in a flight simulator, walk through the test laboratories or check out the testing of part prototypes thanks to a 3D printer. 
india engineering
Engineering In the future of advanced manufacturing, connected machines will be smarter. We’re combining advanced manufacturing techniques with big data analytics to make intelligent decisions that increase efficiencies and lower costs. 

As the cornerstone of our company, our engineers always aspire to be the best in the world.  Here at Honeywell in Brno you will have the opportunity to work on cutting edge projects.  We regularly look for talented 
mechanical, electrical and design engineers to join us, so for our current Engineering vacancies, take a look at the latest opportunities below.  

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take a look at other Honeywell jobs in the categories below. You can also search for other opportunities or sign up for the Honeywell Talent Community to stay up to date on the new jobs as they become available.

Futureshaper Careers

Whether you are a supply chain expert, software engineer, engineer, customer service agent, salesperson or a finance professional, we have your dream job.  
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