A woman is posing with her hands in fists. One of her arms is mechanical. She has brown hair, is wearing a yellow tshirt, and is smiling. The background is light gray and the black text says "Accessibility Ideathon & The A11y Awards"

The Art of the Possible meets Inclusive design thining to drive value for Honeywell

Accessibility is a catalyst for innovation, disability equity and inclusion, and with your a11y ideas it becomes a risk reducer, compliance enabler, talent attractor, and market maker... a value driver! 

Competition Kick-Off

6/7/23 - 6/21/23
Accessibility Innovation Ideation Period
Idea Submissions Due
"Top Ten" Participants Announced
6/27/23 - 7/11/23 
Voting Begins!
"Final Five" Finalists Determined
Join us to see who wins and why at the A11y Awards Ceremony