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Honeywell Aerospace has been around for more than 100 years and our people are still making aviation history every day. Honeywell Aerospace products are found on virtually every commercial, defense, and space aircraft. We’re designing and building integrated cockpits, powerful jet engines, wireless connectivity systems, and advanced technologies that make flying safer and more efficient. We’re leading the connected aircraft revolution with cutting-edge systems, services and software solutions. And we’re pushing the limits of automation with smart products and advanced analytics.


Customers choose Honeywell for products that provide comfort, efficiency, mission readiness, performance, predictive insights, productivity, and safety.

Employees choose Honeywell for the impact they can have, the real connections with colleagues they can make, and become their best selves.


Honeywell has been part of every NASA crewed space mission for almost 60 years and is onboard 950 satellites and counting.
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Honeywell helps create a flight experience that is more efficient, more comfortable, and more sustainable.
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Honeywell produces innovations for Defense for better decision-making, agility, resiliency, and mission-readiness.

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